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Its our number 1 priority to keep all our customers and staff safe during this pandemic.

We urge all customers to please practice the appropriate protocols. We look forward to

serving you as we all get through this new way of life living with covid-19, we ask for your kind co-operation.

Be safe, practice social distancing and remember to always cover your cough and wash your hands!

Ask about our duty free pricing for essential workers.

The Hyundai Venue for 2020 has official joined our Beachcomber family!

Come have a look, see all what this new compact SUV has to offer!

The All- New 2021 Toyota Raize. Something special coming this November.


Any alcohol based sanitizer or detergent on your steering wheel. Doing so may lead to premature wear and tear of your steering wheel material.

Soap water and a damp cloth can be used as an alternative to keep your space clean and germ free!

2020 Subaru XV

Go further than ever before, Anywhere, anytime.

The Subaru XV offers excellent performance and handling while still delivering great fuel economy. comfortable, stylish, and durable. The best All-Wheel Drive in its class.


2021 Toyota Hilux - Double Cab

Build Tough for every adventure!

The Toyota Hilux offers more than ever before, more power, more comfort, more durability and  more confidence! The best that keeps on getting better. Whether city, highway or off-road conditions, you will always be ready for the task ahead. 



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